Is a Website Optional?
Can marketing or SEO Help My Business??

Trying to do business without a website in today’s marketplace is a “fools errand”. Pew Research says that 97% of all companies utilize the web to find their vendors. Beyond getting new business; you website can answer questions for your existing clients thereby relieving your staff from the same questions on the phone. This level of customer service is fast becoming expected from your customers and potential customers.

We do; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Marketing, Social and other Off-Page Marketing. Many companies often don’t have a marketing budget and may think these proven marketing strategies are out of reach. Have you wasted money trying things; directories, ill-conceived direct mail campaigns and other so-called opportunities eat up your money and yield little or no results. Your company’s web presence is an ongoing investment. If done correctly it is your best salesperson, your most dependable employee and can be called on 24/7. It truly gives you the largest return on investment of all types of advertising and marketing.

Invest – Don’t Spend

Like most of life, a little planning goes a long way.  A company website doesn’t have to be thrown away every two years to stay current.  Your website is an asset and like other assets it can be enhanced, refurbished  and upgraded.  Always deal with developers who stay current but don’t buy into the latest fad.  Your investment should yield a return.

Questions – You Need Answers

Most business owners and managers in small business do a few things well but are tasked with doing jobs in which they have no background.  A vendor’s job, in part, is to help a client fully understand an issue and then offer a cost effective solution.  G21 is that vendor when it comes to web development and online marketing.

You Have a Site
Now What

Many companies have a site and it varies between being underperforming to downright embarrassing.  There is a case for throwing out everything and starting over, but there may be parts that could be reused or restyled.  A small amount of time planning might create a better site at a smaller cost. SEO, local marketing and even national marketing can be done with your existing site with a little work.